Red Rose Award

The Red Rose Award is a recognition program designed to increase the visibility of Delta Kappa Gamma. It focuses on promoting the work of women leaders in education as well as those who advance the cause of education in other fields. This award is presented annually to a non-member.

1997 Sandra Reeves

1998 Betty DeRuiter

1999 Judy Prine

2000 Helen Young

2001 Ruby Carson

2002 Dee Abbott

2003 Virginia Mims

2004 Rebecca Grantham

2005 Delores Sheffield

2006 Katherine Bush

2007 Janice Sylvester

2008 Monica Miller

2009 Pam Hernandez

2010 Mary Schaub

2011 Elaine Moser

2012 Katrina Turk

2013 Patricia Muscio

2014 Glenda Hartfield

2015 Tammie McLain

2017 Debbie McLeod

2018 Margaret Cobb

2019 Norma Robnett

2020 Pamela Prine

2021 Joyce Jones

2022 Robin Allen